"Saving Perth Homes From Break-Ins"

Securing your home

Its all about making sure your not an easy target, all you need to do is tick a few boxes.

Do you have…(not in any order)
An alarm?
Security Doors?
Security Window Screens?
Pin cylinder Locks and deadlocks?
Security cameras?
Security window film?
Visible frontage?

In our opinion if you don’t tick at least 4 of these you should look at increasing security, it doesn’t have to cost the earth but you work hard for what you have and need to invest to secure it and your family.

Also check this list…

Knowing your neighbours and joining security community groups like neighbourhood watch are also great ideas.

Remember also that in WA persons and companies supplying security related products like Alarms, Security Doors or Locksmith Services are require BY LAW to be licenced to ensure they have a Police clearance, have passed all necessary tests and that you are not paying for inferior products and services.
For a list of police licenced companies visit this link.