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Security Window Screens


To improve the level of security around the home, many people choose to install security window screens. The reality is, windows can be an easy target for intruders as often the only barrier is a flimsy fly screen and a breakable window. It’s not enough of a deterrent for intruders, you need to protect your home with a product that has proven strength.

Just like our security doors, security window screens from KNA will provide a premium level of strength and safety, not only meeting the Australian Security Standards but exceeding them.

Installing window security screens won’t shut you off from the outside world. In fact, you’ll find that you’ll leave your windows open more and let in more sun, more fresh air more often.

Unfortunately, you can’t control external factors. If someone decides they want to target your home and break in, all you can do it protect yourself as best as possible. Securing your windows with KNA Security screens is the ultimate deterrent and will keep you safe in your home without making you feel like you’re trapped in a fortress. KNA is the safe and stylish option for security screen windows throughout Perth.

Security Window Screens


One of the main concerns people have about door and security window screens is how they will look. Just as the technology behind security screens has advanced, so too has the designs and styling. Today, there are a number of options to select from depending on your preference. You may want a security window screen that lets more light in or increases the level of privacy.

There are also over a 100 frame colours to choose from, so matching your current colour scheme is no issue. If you have a home that has a unique look and you can’t find a window security screen to match it, remember you can choose to have your screens custom made in our quality-controlled Perth factory.

KNA Security Window Screens

Security window screens from KNA Security can dramatically improve the look of your home whilst performing two key roles:

Keeping intruders out

Letting the outside light and air in


Our fixed window screens are designed to handle whatever potential intruders can throw at them… literally. We put our products through the strictest quality control testing so that you will feel completely at ease in your home.

Our stainless steel window security screens are constructed using high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel which provides a greater resistance to corrosion than other steel products. These stainless steel screens have the highest strength rating and therefore, our highest security rating.

Aluminium security screens offer a similar level of strength and security and, as it has done for many years, the Classic Grill screens stands firm and meets the Australian Security Door standard.

All of our products are made right here in Perth. We understand our harsh climate better than anyone and have designed our products accordingly. Whether it’s being subjected to continuous 40 degree days or the relentless salty coastal air, our products are built WA tough.

Security Window Screens Perth


Premium Security, Maximum Airflow & Light

Combining the strength of stainless steel with the beauty and flexibility of aluminium, Invisi-Gard offers extreme clarity and enhanced security.

Key Benefits – Woven marine grade stainless mesh. Highest clarity of vision in the range. Suitable for high corrosion environments. Cyclone tested. 100’s of powder coated colours to choose from.

Mesh: 316T Stainless Steel

Warranty: 15 years *

Security Window Screens WA
Invisigard Ratings


Highest Grade Security, Designed for Cyclonic Conditions, Maximum Airflow & Light

This is a product designed to handle cyclonic conditions and offers maximum protection from wind-borne debris impacts. Invisi-Maxx can protect your premises in wind speeds up to 356 km/h.

Key Benefits – Woven marine grade stainless mesh. High clarity of vision. Suitable for high corrosion environments. Cyclone tested. 100’s of powder coated colours to choose from. 

Mesh: 316T Stainless Steel

Warranty: 15 years *

Invisi-Gard Authorised Dealer
InvisiMax Ratings


High Security, Affordable, Modern Design, Good Privacy

Alu-Gard is the all aluminium security screening solution for Australian conditions. It provides security, clarity and strength. It is also corrosion resistant and looks amazing.

Key Benefits – Aluminium frame. Suitable for high corrosion environments.100’s of powder coated colours to choose from.

Mesh: 6063 Aluminium

Warranty: 7 years *

Alu-Gard Logo
Alu-Gard Ratings


High Security, Good Privacy, Fitted in a Stylish Frame with no Visible Fixings on the Front or Rear Face

This is the latest in aluminium security window screens. It retains all the benefits of Alu-Gard, but with a new frame without rivets.

Key Benefits – Aluminium frame. Suitable for high corrosion environments.100’s of powder coated colours to choose from.

Mesh: 6063 Aluminium

Warranty: 7 years *

Alu-Gard Logo
Alu-Gard Edge Ratings


Affordable, Multiple Options for Standard Flywire, Petmesh or Privacy Mesh

Classic Grille security window screens have been a staple of Australian homes for many decades now. It provides a great deal of security and is perfectly suited to a wide range of window applications.

Key Benefits – Aluminium frame. Corrosion resistant. Mesh upgrades available. 100’s of powder coated colours to choose from.

Warranty: 7 years *

For a limited time, we are offering a special offer** on each of our types of security window screens. Learn more about our security screen prices or simply fill in the form below to schedule an obligation-free measure and quote at your home or business.

* View warranty terms & conditions.

** Special offer price not available on 6, 12, 18 or 24 month no interest ever finance plans. If under $2,000 it can be paid off over 5 fortnight’s using ‘Humm Small Things’.

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