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Security Doors: Australian Standards

Security Doors - Australian Standards

Home security is very important. We understand you need an effective barrier, for both peace of mind and to ensure that if the unthinkable does happen, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe.

This is why we at KNA Security feel the need to ensure the highest possible quality security doors available.

Security doors are the most important product in ensuring the safety of your home. From 2018 to 2019, an estimated 1 in 50 Australian households experienced at least one break-in. In WA, this number jumps to 4.4%, or roughly 1 in 25 households.

Because of this, we empathise with your desire to not want your own home to be added to the list of houses tainted by crime.

Good quality security doors are the solution.

Australian Security Door Standards

For a security door to be deemed effective, it must pass a tough and rigorous testing procedure. Australian Standards 5039 is made up of a series of tests, aimed to ensure security doors and window screens can withstand the most severe punishment.

For a security door to be able to call itself a “security screen door”, it must pass the subsequent tests. If not, screen doors will often be labelled “barrier doors” or “safety doors”, and may merely be masquerading as reliable security products.

The Knife Test

Firstly, security screens are subjected to the knife shear test; a test involving punishing the screen by applying mechanical force with a heavy-duty knife. A new blade is used for the 3 times this punishment is inflicted. If there is an incision made by the blade that is not greater than 15cm, the product has passed the test.

The Impact Test

The impact test is designed to replicate a physical attack on the security door. This test involves a pendulum weight, generating 100j of impact force hitting a specific point of the security door. When the impact fails to breach the material and the mesh does not come away from the frame, the security door passes the test.

The Jemmy Test

This test involves a lever being wedged between the security door lock and hinge, and the frame of the door. The lever then attempts to pry the door open. If the door remains closed, it has passed the test.

The Pull Test

Simulating an intruder attempting to pull the screen out, the pull test can only be performed if a large enough gap is created by the jemmy test.

The Probe Test

This test replicates an intruder attempting to make a gap in the screen big enough to fit their hand through and unlock the door from the inside. A force of roughly 150kg is applied to either side of the opening. If the space doesn’t grow to a size that a hand could fit through, it has passed the test.

The Shear Test

Simulating a cutting plier attack on the screen, the shear test uses a tool to provide increasing pressure until the sample strand (used to measure the strength of the mesh of the screen door) breaks.


InvisiGard are the premier manufacturer of security screens and doors in Australia. They provide a 15-year warranty for their products, which are all rigorously safety-tested, and guaranteed to add to the safety of your home.

Using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel high tensile (900MPa) mesh, You can rest assured knowing your security screen can prevent even the most committed of would-be home invaders.

How to Ensure Crime Doesn’t Reach Past your Front Door

With KNA Security, you can rest easy knowing that your house is safe from the potential dangers lurking outside. Ensure your loved ones, and your belongings remain unharmed by purchasing a strong and reliable security door for your home.

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