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Home CCTV Camera Systems – A Conclusive Guide

Home CCTV Camera Systems

So you’re looking to upgrade your home security with a CCTV camera system…

With a plethora of options to select from, here is a break-down of two industry leading manufacturers –

Hikvision CCTV Systems

As the largest security camera manufacturer in the world, Hikvision have forged a strong reputation as the “go to” source for reliable and affordable home CCTV camera systems.

With a strong focus on research and development, Hikvision are continually developing cutting edge technology for both residential and commercial applications.

A HikVision system can consist of up to 16 cameras and can be controlled by your smartphone. Their range of industry leading CCTV camera systems include the following models:

HiLook 4MP

The entry level CCTV system from Hikvision which offers excellent image quality and great value for money. With a combination of a 4MP camera and Smart InfraRed Technology, this camera will deliver clear footage during the day and night. Learn more.

HikVision 6MP IP Network System

With an impressive 6MP camera, this CCTV system is appropriate for both home and office applications. It allows you to view a live feed from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) and features IP66 weatherproof protection, dual video streams and back light compensation.

The 6MP model is ideal for those who are looking for a high quality picture without breaking the bank. Learn more.

HikVision 8MP IP Network System

Manufactured using state of the art technology, this is the “big daddy” of the HikVision CCTV system range and can record at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K).

It is perfect for applications that require crystal clear vision at night and features IP67 weatherproof protection, dual video streams and back light compensation. Learn more.

Dahua CCTV Systems

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (Dahua Technology) are another industry leader when it comes to high quality home CCTV camera systems.

They provide security services, solutions and products throughout 180 countries and regions, and boast a solid reputation for manufacturing high quality security equipment.

Their range of CCTV systems include Wizsense – The latest technology which offers better recognition of both people and vehicles, while incorporating more features. Here are some of the superior home CCTV camera systems available from Dahua:

Dahua 6MP IP Network System

The 6MP model from Dahua includes motion/audio detection and a built in microphone. It also boasts trip-wire and intrusion detection and high quality infrared for stunning night images. Learn more.

Dahua 8MP IP Network System

A step up from the 6MP, this model includes similar technology with an impressive 8MP high resolution camera. Learn more.

Home CCTV Camera Systems from KNA Security

KNA Security can supply and install each of the CCTV Camera models listed and with over 30 years of experience you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Our superior customer service and excellent reputation have positioned us as the trusted source in Perth for home security solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a free measure and quote at your home or business.