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Alfresco Enclosures – Protect Your Outdoor Patio or Alfresco

Alfresco Enclosures

Suppose you have an outdoor alfresco or patio area attached to your property. In that case, two products on the market can act as alfresco enclosures: outdoor blinds and security doors/screens.


There are several factors you’ll need to consider when selecting the best alfresco enclosures for your requirements –


First, select steel or aluminium security doors and screens if you’re looking to bolster your home security and prevent intruders from entering your alfresco or patio area.

Alfresco blinds are typically relatively easy to penetrate and offer limited protection for your home and belongings. On the other hand, the primary focus of steel or aluminium alfresco enclosures is to protect your area from would-be intruders.

It’s also important to note that some security screens allow you to “see out but not in”. The visible security barrier prevents intruders from casing your area while allowing you to see into your backyard.

As an added benefit of metal screen alfresco enclosures, you can safely store your belongings. Free up space within your home or garage, and provide less clutter in your living space and around your vehicles.

Select security doors and screens that meet Australian Standards to protect your home and alfresco area.


Most alfresco blinds can be stopped at any position, allowing you to control somewhat the airflow level and sunlight entering your outdoor area. However, when the blinds are down, they will allow virtually no airflow, forcing your alfresco to heat up during the warmer months of the year.

Security screen alfresco enclosures are fitted with mesh that allows varying airflow levels. If you want to allow maximum airflow within your alfresco, select a mesh option with a high airflow rating.

Patio Enclosures


Most outdoor blinds need to be left down and locked or fully retracted during windy conditions and fully retracted during severe winds. If you live in windy coastal areas where winds can become severe without much warning, you may not be home or have time to adjust the blinds.

On the contrary, stainless steel doors and screens will stand up in windy conditions, and there are even options available, like Invisi-Maxx, which are designed to withstand cyclonic conditions.


If we look at two popular options, the Ziptrak® outdoor blinds vs. the Invisi-Gard security doors and screens, you note a considerable difference in the warranty attached to each product. Ziptrak® blinds come with a 5-year warranty compared to Invisi-Gard security doors and screens with an impressive 15-year warranty.

The length of the warranty is a key indicator that stainless steel options are significantly more durable and able to withstand the tough Western Australian climate for long periods of time.

Steel Alfresco Enclosures


There are several restrictions when it comes to fitting alfresco blinds to your outdoor area. Firstly, they can only be made to a specific width and height to retain the product’s structural integrity. They are typically only available in less than 10 colours and one style.

Conversely, aluminium and steel screen alfresco enclosures are often available in over 100 colours and styles, with mesh options, and extras like pet doors, electronic locks and more.


Outdoor alfresco blinds tend to gather dust and dirt and must be cleaned periodically depending on your location and weather conditions. Comparatively, steel requires very little maintenance, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for alfresco enclosures. Steel alfresco enclosures are resistant to rust, corrosion, and fire.

Price & Property Value

Although outdoor blinds are typically more affordable, the added durability and longevity of screen alfresco enclosures make them more cost-effective in the long term and add substantially more value to your home.


KNA Security has secured many homes in the northern suburbs of Perth with steel and aluminium alfresco enclosures. As a family-owned company that offers good old-fashioned customer service, we provide an end-to-end solution from the initial consultation to manufacturing and installation. Our friendly and experienced consultants are made up of technicians who know the products inside out and won’t push you into making a decision.

KNA has a range of options when it comes to alfresco enclosures. Select from 316 marine-grade stainless steel or aluminium frames that offer the best protection on the market and exceed all Australian Standards. Our screens and doors are available in over 100 colours and offer high resistance against corrosion. They can also be fitted with escape screens, smart locks and pet doors.


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