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The Best Security Doors Tested

Best Security Doors

Security Screen Doors Tested & Rated

The Best Security Doors Perth

KNA developed the best security doors star rating system to make it easier for customers to decide on the right door for their intended purpose.

The Australian Security Standards do a decent job of showing which door passes the basic security standards. However, we believe the tests need to go much further.

For example, the standard for passing the impact test only requires the screen to withstand 5 impacts of 100 joules. An average male could kick at much higher 200+ joules in a single kick.

Some say the average kick is 1,000 pounds of force^ which is much more than 100 joules.

Best Security Doors Perth

Our star rating goes further by conducting more robust security testing and adding ratings for some of the biggest real-world reasons clients install security doors not addressed in the Australian Standards.

The Tests Carried Out

Each test is kept basic and effective to try and perform more realistic scenarios of what is required in the real world.

Some of these tests include:

  • Hitting the mesh multiple times with hammers, axes, and sledgehammers.
  • Cutting the mesh with knives, grinders, and axes.
  • Testing air flow using an industrial fan on different angles measuring the airflow.
  • Privacy tests in different lighting and viewing angles.

screen door strength tested

We hope that these tests conducted at our factory in Wangara answer and test some of the requests asked by our clients. And that this system provides a quick way of choosing the right solution for the best security doors Perth. 

Some of the common questions by clients other than security include:

  • Does it provide good airflow?
  • Does it block a lot of light?
  • Is it one of those doors you can see out but not in?
  • Will it stand up to my pets?

How We Rated

The rating is shown in numbers.

  1. Poor
  2. Low
  3. Adequate
  4. High
  5. Very High
  6. Extreme

Our star rating system is displayed graphically and/or by the star system.

Security Door Star Rating

Security Door Alternative Rating System

This rating system is also included in our catalogue.

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    All images and concepts are copyrighted in 2021 KNA Security Pty Ltd.
    The rating system is based on the opinions and in-house testing of KNA Security.
    Use of the star rating results, concepts or graphics by other companies/persons must be given explicit permission in writing by KNA Security Pty Ltd.

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    Highly recommend KNA Security for your security door needs. From quote to installation, the best customer service was provided. Could not ask for anything better. Great quality products from a local business. Thanks KNA Security team.
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    This is the third time I have used the services of KNA. Lovely staff, professional installers and a quality product! Can’t ask for more 😉 Thanks Team KNA!
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    We had our laundry security door installed today by Zane, he was so professional and thorough, he is a real asset to your company. Well done. Would recommend KNA security to everyone looking for any type of security.
    Susan Waszkinel

    ^source https://mmachannel.com/how-hard-can-an-average-person-kick/

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