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Sliding Door Security – What are my Options?

Most Australian homes are fitted with sliding glass doors which typically create an accessway between a living room, dining room and/or laundry, to the backyard.

The addition of a sliding door security screen is the perfect option if you’re looking to add an extra level of security to your home. They are typically installed to the exterior brickwork, and provide many benefits in addition to bolstering your security –


Perth’s afternoon sea breeze can be a no-cost yet effective way to cool your home during the warmer months. A sliding door security screen allows you to keep your home secure while allowing air to flow through your home and, importantly, keep out pesky flies and insects. You may even be able to rely less on your air conditioning and reduce energy consumption/costs.

Sliding Security Doors Perth


Privacy is not always a factor for side or back sliding doors, although it can be considered if you live in or around multi-story houses or apartments.

Visibility can be important, particularly if you have pets or small children who like to play in your backyard. Some screens are difficult to see out of, whereas others allow you to see out but not in, creating greater visibility, privacy and even security.

It’s important to note that different types of mesh provide varying levels of airflow, privacy and visibility, so try to select one that suits your individual requirements.

Security Sliding Doors


If you own a cat or dog, adding a pet door within your sliding door security screen will prevent you from constantly opening and closing your sliding door. This can also help to reduce the number of flies and insects that enter your home.

Modern pet doors are fitted with UV-stabilised plastic for added strength and visibility and a magnetic and lockable closure for greater security and insect prevention.

Please note that once a pet door is installed within a Security Door, it will no longer meet Australian Standards and can no longer be called a “Security Door”. Instead, it will be referred to as a Secure Door, Safety Door or Barrier Door. Furthermore, medium and large-sized pet doors may be large enough for a person to fit through and enter your home.

Sliding Door Security Screens


If you’re considering the addition of a sliding door security screen, there are many factors you’ll need to consider –

The Size of Opening / Style of Door

The size of the opening will dictate what style of doors are available. Smaller openings can only be fitted with single sliding doors, whereas larger openings can have single centre or even double slides to create a wider opening.

Sliding Door Security Perth

Another popular option is a stacking security screen which allows for larger openings.

Materials & Hardware

Most security screens have aluminium frames, however, the thickness/strength of the aluminium and system used to lock the frame to the mesh will vary considerably from one screen to another.

Invisi-Gard stainless steel doors are the only option on the market to incorporate the patented EGP retention method. This system locks the mesh into the heavy-duty extruded aluminium perimeter framing, which exceeds Australian Standard requirements.

For maximum strength, you’ll also want to select a screen with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh – a high tensile woven mesh resulting in an exceptionally strong, corrosion-resistant product, powder coated in a very tightly controlled, chrome-free environment.

Last but not least, selecting a door with a 3-point locking system is essential. This is required by Australian Standards and creates substantially more security and strength than a single-locking system because it locks at 3 points on the jamb.

To simplify your selection process, you should select a sliding door security screen that, as a minimum, meets all Australian Standards.

Price & Installation

Sliding door security screens will vary in price considerably from one supplier to another. But paying more does not necessarily mean that you’re receiving a better quality and more convenient solution…

For a detailed comparison between KNA and Bunnings security doors, check out our recent article, which explains the significant difference in price, quality and installation / legal ratings.

We also encourage you to check out current specials and security door prices.

Sliding Security Door


KNA Security is Perth’s most reliable and reputable supplier and installer of the highest-quality sliding door security screens. With a security agents licence, 5 security installer licences and 5 security consultants licences, our friendly and passionate team of professionals provide a tailored end-to-end solution for customers from Perth to Lancelin.

Sliding Security Doors

Our stainless steel mesh security doors are the best quality and value for money on the market for several reasons –

  • 15-year warranty
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Triple locking as standard
  • 603 TS aluminium frame
  • 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh
  • Exceed all Australian StandardsAvailable in 100+ colours, including timber finishes
  • Available as hinged security doors, sliding security doors, double security
  • doors and security window screens

Our security door Visualiser is the first of its kind in Australia and allows you to match the colours of your home to your new security screen door. Click the image below to get started!

Security Screens Bunnings


Don’t just take our word for it, check out below what some of our recent customers say, or visit our Google and Facebook profiles to read over 700 five-star reviews!

“Fresh from the country to metro Perth we were recommended to contact KNA Security for our security needs and what a wonderful thing we did!

From first contact with sales consultant Wayne in our home, through administrative staff to final installation, all contacts were very friendly, personable and knowledgeable putting us at ease 100% of the time.

We have absolutely no hesitation in putting our name to recommending this family business to any prospective persons seeking home security.

Thank you all KNA Security personnel involved in our security journey, plus not to forget the outstanding quality of the final product.”
Grant Bartle

“The process of getting my security door couldn’t have went much smoother, I was unsure what type to get and given great advice of the products on show and Simone pointed me in the correct decision.

Getting the door fitted went smoothly Josh turned up exactly on time and done a thorough job in the installation. All in all very happy with company from initial contact to final installation and would use and recommend them in the future.”
Brian Connolly

“Excellent service, a professional company who from the outset state what their processes are with no hidden costs. Quality of work and professionalism of their tradesmen are excellent. I would recommend KNA Security for your Security Doors & Home Screen solutions.”
Thanks Simone & Co

Clive MC

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