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Why Security Doors are Vital to the Safety of Your Residence

Home Invasion Statistics

It is hard to find statistics for home invasion because it is not considered a crime in itself in many countries. The acts connected to it− like burglary and homicide− are counted as crimes. However, home invasions connected to such acts may not be only damaging but traumatic too, especially if you have children at home.

Parafield Gardens Report

In a world where crime is an ever-present threat, securing one’s home becomes necessary to thwart home invaders. A February 6, 2014 article reports on a robbery that took place in Parafield Gardens, South Australia:

“At about 4am, two armed men forced their way to a home at Parafield Gardens and threatened the occupants.

The two men stole a laptop computer, a wallet, purse and mobile phone and left the scene in a stolen 2007 silver Toyota Aurion registration number S000-AWL.

A short time later the stolen car was spotted by police and pursued before it was eventually lost travelling south on Main North Road at Para Hills West.”

No injuries were reported as a result of the criminal act; even so, the incident serves to underline the importance of adequate security measures. After all, the home is a family’s sanctuary.

That’s why some families in many parts of Australia have taken steps to secure their home from unauthorised entry. In Western Australia, installing fine security doors from Perth businesses like KNA Security is how several households have answered that problem.

Installing a reliable security screen requires the help of professionals from a reputable and trustworthy company or dealer in the area, like KNA Security. Such businesses should have not just vast experience in dealing with doors, windows, and locks, but good word of mouth from previous customers too.

(Source: Home invasion – Parafield Gardens; SA Police News; February 6, 2014)

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