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Pay Less on Security Doors – 50% Off

Cheap Cheap 50% Off Security Doors

When you get quotes do you go with the cheapest?

We find some people will shop around to save as little as $20 on a door that costs $600-$800!

The fact is you do get what you pay for in our industry…to a certain extent that is. There are lots of large companies with big marketing budgets and commission based reps that do often over charge for a basic product but are very good with the sales process.

Or you get companies that just use the cheapest materials trying to increase their margins. This is a sure way of losing quality and just passing the standards instead of trying to create the best product. This means you end up with a product that doesn’t last or fit properly.

What ever happen to companies having long term goals, striving to do their best and letting the products and service grow the business?

So how do you know who to choose?

  1. Get 3 quotes.
  2. Ask to see exactly how it will be fitted
  3. Ask to see mesh and frame as a profile
  4. Ask to see locks
  5. Don’t make a decision while they are there.
  6. Research the product
  7. Ask to see the consultants licence
  8. Look on social media to see what experiences people have had with the company and product from that company. If a company doesn’t allow reviews on Facebook steer clear!

We come across lots of shocking installs and are constantly fixing up for others which in turn costs the client way more than it should, that bargain turns out to be an expensive exercise. Some of these examples are even illegal as our industry is regulated by the WA Police.

If you want an excellent product with a great and honest service, an install done right at a fair and competitive price, then give us a call. Don’t settle.

Here are some examples of what we have come across…

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