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New Rental Laws Perth for Security

New legislation came into action on the 1st July 2014 in regards to maintaining a minimal amount of security on doors, windows and lighting.

What is required?

– The Entry door is to have either a dead-lock or a rated security door tested to the relevant Australian Standards
– All other external doors are to be fitted with either a dead-lock, rated security door or patio-bolt (usually for sliding doors)
– All opening windows require a lock/latch (no key required) or a rated security screen
– A outside electrical light near the entry, must be able to be switched on/off from inside and illuminate the entry.

Lessors will have to bring their properties up to the minimum standard by July 2015.

KNA Security have created a check list and can provide a report on what is needed at your property. KNA Security have security consultants and Locksmith licenced by the WA Police.

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