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Keep Your Home Cool this Summer!

How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

With 15 of the 16 hottest years on record being in the past 15 years, keeping cool in summer can be a challenge, below are a few tips that may help.


Most of your homes heat transfers through glass windows and doors.
Did you know? On a typical summers day the amount of heat entering through a window exposed to the sun can be similar to the heat of a 1kw bar radiator!
Window tinting can reject solar energy by up to 85%!, roller shutters are also great at insulating against the elements too.

For a cheaper alternative you can rig up some shade cloth.

Other ideas include planting trees to provide shade, installing pergolas or shade sails.



Natural Cooling

If you live fairly close to the ocean as opening your doors and windows in the evening will cool your home very quickly as the sea breeze flushes the heat from your home.

If you have security doors and screens you can leave them open all night and close up in the day!



Obviously an air conditioner can help a lot, especially when used in conjunction with window/ door treatments as the air conditioner hasn’t got to work so hard.

If your air conditioner is constantly fighting with untreated windows and other untreated areas It can become costly, using fans to help move the air around will help.


Insulation is a must, it will help slow down the transfer of heat from the roof space into your home.

Whirlybirds are also a great idea as they will remove some of the heat from your roof space.



Your garage door can become a radiator that heats the garage like a furnace! This heat does transfer into your home through the walls and helps heat the roof space.

Installing vents, whirly birds with a direct link to the garage will all help. You can also insulate the inside of the garage door!


Remember if your hot so are your pets!

If you cannot bring your pets indoors in the warmer months make sure they have plenty of water and shade.

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