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Improving Your Home Inside and Out with Security Screens in Perth

What makes an Australian home healthy and beautiful? Well, counting the ways could certainly take a couple of days. However, proper ventilation, ample lighting, and sleek design are likely to be on everyone’s list. All these elements are possible with quality security screens in Perth.


Doors with security screens are designed to enhance ventilation, maintain indoor air quality, and cool your home. The expertly crafted mesh prevents the entry of pests and bugs yet at the same time allows cool air to passively enter your home. According to the Australian Government’s YourHome website, passive or non-mechanic cooling (as enabled by security screens, for instance) entails the following:

“To be comfortable, buildings in all Australian climates require some form of cooling at some time of the year. There are many ways you can design or modify your home to achieve comfort through passive (non-mechanical) cooling, as well as hybrid approaches which utilise mechanical cooling systems.

[…]To be effective, passive cooling needs to cool both the building and the people in it.

Evaporation of perspiration is the most effective physiological cooling process. It requires air movement and moderate to low humidity (less than 60%).

Radiant heat loss is also important, both physiologically and psychologically. It involves direct radiation to cooler surfaces.

Conduction contributes to both types of comfort and involves body contact with cooler surfaces. It is most effective when people are sedentary (e.g. sleeping on a water bed).”

As mentioned, screen doors help ensure adequate natural lighting in one’s home. The grilles on security screens allow sunlight to illuminate indoor spaces while the mesh component helps preserve a level of privacy. Natural light, in turn, enhances visual comfort, sets the ambiance in any room, and makes small spaces seem bigger. This advantage should also prove valuable in terms of energy-efficiency due to the reduced dependence on artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Interestingly, stylish security doors from some of today’s leading brands can also improve your home’s kerb appeal and overall value. Steel and aluminium mesh, in particular, are not only tensile but also aesthetically pleasing, especially for homes with contemporary designs. You can choose from among a host of colours – from neutrals to darker shades of brown, grey and black.

Sturdy security screen doors in Perth supplied by conscientious companies like KNA Security add a layer of essential protection for your home. Most of these lockable screens are guaranteed against corrosion and even forceful break-ins to bring you peace of mind.

(Source: Passive cooling, YourHome)

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