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Quality Perth Security Doors Provide Enough Protection from Burglars

Burglaries are always an issue for property owners. Statistics show intruders usually enter a home or office from the front or back door. To help keep these doors locked and secured, WikiHow offers a few tips.

If your back and front doors are hollow, Wiki How suggests changing them immediately to any of the following materials: fiberglass, solid wood, solid wood core, or metal. If you decide to replace a door, consider a door that swings outward; that way, it will absorb the force from any type of forced entry. Windowless doors or, at least, windowed doors with a security grate are more preferable than windowed doors. Perth security doors from companies like KNA Security can provide you with the right kind of doors.

Like the right kind of door, you need to lock it. As the article states:

“Even the strongest locks in the world are useless if you don’t use them. Lock all exterior doors whenever you go out—even if you’ll just be gone a few minutes.”

All exterior doors should have a deadbolt lock in addition to the built-in lock on the door knob. The deadbolt lock should be high quality with no exposed screws and at least one inch long. You should also replace flimsy strike plates, secure exposed hinges, and fortify the door frame. A locksmith in Perth may supply you with the locks you need to reinforce your home.

To truly secure your home, consult a professional that specialises in security doors and locks. Many security door dealers and locksmith services provide a free quote so you don’t have to pay unless you are confident with the level of security you need for your home.

(Article excerpt, How to Burglarproof Your Doors, WikiHow.com)

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