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Do I Really Need a Security Door?

Do I Really Need a Security Door?

Maybe… as you will see a security door provides much more than just security.

Security Door Durability

Many of our clients have us install security doors and screen due their pets continually destroying fly-screens or kids poking holes. This becomes a real problem in the warmer months when you want to utilise the sea breeze without the flies.


Natural Cooling

We are a coastal city and one of the windiest. Therefore, screen doors and window screens are a great way to flush your home of stale warm air. With the heat in the summer, evening and night-time is the best time to cool your home ready for the next day. Security doors and screens provide a secure way to leave your doors and windows open while you sleep.

Keep you door clean

Aesthetically a Good Choice

With the new Stainless Steel and Aluminium meshes available, security screens provide a clean modern look and look much better than the flimsy old fly-screens that come standard on homes.

Save Money

Cooling your home can be really expensive, security doors and screens provide a free way to cool your home. Why not utilise the natural fresh we have living on the coast?


Good Investment

Adding security to your home is a wise investment. Not only to protect your home and all the things you work hard for, but it will also add value to your home.

Reduce Your Risk

Of course, security doors and screens were designed and tested for security. Making it more difficult to break into your home is a sure way to deter those opportunist burglars. Most break-ins occur through an open window or door, so securing these opening greatly reduce you risk.

Don’t be one of those clients that have been saying for years that they have never had an issue where they are…then call us after they get broken into.


Safety From Outside & In

Security doors are a great way of allowing airflow without the worry of children going walk-a-bout. If you have a two-storey home, security screens on the windows prevent accidental falling through a window. If you are in a bush fire area our stainless-steel screens are rated to Bal40. Our screens can also come as escape screens, these allow easy egress in the event of a fire or emergency but are secure from outside.

Choosing the Right Security Door

There are now several options available, Stainless steel, perforated aluminium and expanded aluminium mesh. Then there are different locking mechanisms and frames. Each product has its pros and cons, for example some people want light and airflow, some want privacy, while others want the absolute strongest product for security. The best way to get the right product is to talk to one of our licensed trained security consultants.

KNA Security are one of Perth’s leading and largest security door companies. Family owned, WA made products, fully licenced and insured.

~Source Wayne Wright – Licenced security Agent, Consultant and Installer.



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