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Security Tips for Easter Holidays

Burglaries Increase Around Easter!


With so many homes empty and ripe for the taking by thieves its important we do what we can to minimise our risk.
There are a few simple measures you can take this holiday to make your home less inviting. The more security measures you have in place the harder it is to break in, this is proven to reduce your chance of a burglary.

Police have confirmed lists have been recovered in raids, these lists contain information on homes that contain for example, who works all day, have no dogs, have no alarms, cctv or security doors.
Adding security to your home is a valuable investment but can become costly. The below tips for when you go away will help reduce your risk.

1 –Lock your doors and windows. Sounds obvious but this is the number one entry point. Also consider placing rods in the tracks to strengthen the door/window as the standard glass locks are generally not all that secure.

2 –Move desirable objects away from visibility. Move items of value from visibility, if a thief can see something they want through a window or over a fence they become much more motivated.

3 –Make the house look lived in. A great way to do this is ask friends or neighbours to use your drive while you are away, they can also clear the junk mail.

4 –Pruning. If you have large bushes by by entry points like doors and windows, consider keeping them cut low so not to create a hiding spot.

5 –Tidy. Avoid leaving tools or ladders lying around for use by would be thieves.

6 –Know your neighbours. They can keep an eye on your home while your away, they know the area, can let you know if anything fishy is going on.

7 –Install an alarm box and camera. you can buy a real camera fairly cheap and install as a dummy, these are more convincing than most dummy cameras you can buy.

8 –Social media. We all get excited about our holidays but be very careful what you put on Social Media.

9 –Timers. Use a couple of timers to switch on/off lights at realistic times, these can be purchased from Bunnings fairly cheaply. Remember a home with lights and a radio on at 2am is like advertising THIS HOUSE IS EMPTY.

10 -Old boots. Leave a pair of big old work boots by the front door, this is a trick used by many FIFO wives to give the idea that the partner is home.

If you have ticked off some of these items you will have reduced your risk.

We hope this helps.

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