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Steel Security Door Testing what’s involved?

To meet the Australian standards a security door or screen must pass relevant tests simulating a forced entry.

Dynamic Impact Test.
This test is designed to simulate a door being kicked in. A 40kg bag filled with lead and sand is swung against the door 5 times each with 100 joules of energy. To pass this test the door or screen must remain intact and the mesh must not be breached. Note our Invisi-Gard system can resist more than 50 impacts in concession!

Knife Shear Test.
This test is designed to simulate an intruder trying to cut the mesh using a knife. The test involves a blade being run on the mesh (on the same spot) at a required force 3 times, each time the blade is replaced. The test is a failure if after the third slice the mesh has a cut of 15cm or larger. Invisi-Gard passes this test both in the fill and warp directions unlike many imported meshes which can only pass in one direction.

Lock and Hinge lever Test.
A test that simulates a jemmy attack on the locks or hinges. A lever is to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force (torque) is applied to those points via the lever, this simulates someone trying to jemmy the lock or hinge using something like a large screw driver.
If there is a deflection of greater than 15cm, the test fails. Invisi-Gard passes this test due to the stiffness of the aluminium extrusion and the high quality hardware used.

Other test include.
– Salt Spray Test: AS2331.3.1 this is an accelerated test to simulate the effects of coastal environments. Invisi-Gard excels in this type of test.
– Cyclone Rated: AS1170.2-2011 this test is to simulate protection against flying debris in the event of a cyclone.
– Fire Attenuation: AS1530.4-2005 this test is to simulate against floating embers and radiant heat from bush.

– A security door MUST be fitted by a Licenced (by the WA Police) professional, this ensures they know what they are doing, have had background checks and work to a code of conduct.
– Many companies show leaflets showing their doors pass Australian Standards, this does not mean that they are licenced. To check if a person or company is licenced see the WA Police website.

For more information on Testing of this product, please see here.

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