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Privacy Security Doors

Why KNA Security?

With a solid reputation for providing quality products and exceptional customer service, KNA Security have become the number one choice in Perth in our industry.








Looking for a front hinged security door that also provides privacy in Perth?


Privacy security doors in the past required a Grille with Privacy mesh behind it, this caused issues as people are moving away from the older grille looking doors and are moving towards the complete mesh systems.

Mesh privacy security doors offer better security, less maintenance and are aesthetically more pleasing.

Thankfully we now have a product called OUTLOOK, this uses a RV Mesh (Restricted Vision Mesh) which is an expanded aluminium mesh that is manufactured to provide Security, Privacy and Visibility from inside out!

“I want one of the doors I can see out but they can’t see in” is a term we hear everyday.

Now you can have your front door open securely, privately and allow the breeze to flow through.

Security rated to the Australian standards

Made from 6063 aluminium

3 point locking as standard

Self closing (hinged doors)

Subframe compatible

Privacy Security Screen Doors

Security door visualiser

security door visualiser

The below image has been taken from the showroom in even lighting. When the door is installed on a house the lighting is different from inside to outside and during the day the privacy is much more than shown in this image..

How much do privacy security doors in Perth cost?

screen door privacy cant see in

Viewing from inside…

privacy screens from inside

Note at this stage this product is only available for standard size front doors and double doors (including cat/kitten configurations).

Note the amount of privacy achieved is always dependent on lighting situations and generally is classed as “day-time privacy”


Yes, we hold all relevant licences to supply and install security products. We hold a Security Agents Licence, 3 Security installer licences and 3 Security consultants licences. This ensures we are qualified, police cleared and fully insured.

Yes, we have privacy options like our Outlook system or we can do Grille doors with a privacy mesh. These give very good daytime privacy.

All our mesh security doors pass the Australian security standards and this requires triple locking.

Most of the time yes, we do not generally charge for this unless you have a non-standard profile like Gainsborough then there is a small fee.

All our security doors pass the impact tests required by the Australian Security Standards, we also conduct our own testing that surpass that required by the security standards.

All our security doors pass the knife shear tests required by the Australian Security Standards, we also conduct our own testing.

We have lots of standard colours that usually suit window frames, then we can powder coat on request to 100’s of different colours. Powder coating does take anywhere up to 7 working days extra. We also now have timber look security doors.

Yes, all our security products are also available a security window screen.

Good question! We have escape screens, these are fully secure from the outside while allowing egress from inside.

Yes, we have payment. Generally Interest Free plans from 6 months to 24 months.