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Warranty, Care & Maintenance

Why KNA Security?

With a solid reputation for providing quality products and exceptional customer service, KNA Security have become the number one choice in Perth in our industry.









We only use the best products available, using architectural grade aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel in our systems.

With only a little maintenance your products will last for years to come. How much maintenance depends on use and environmental elements. below we have put together a table with a suggested maintenance schedule.

Maintenance should include washing down gently with a soft bristle brush using only tap water and mild detergent, then rinse well. Take care when flywire is present as this can tear. Take care not to get too much water into the lock mechanisms.

Never use hard brushes or harsh detergents as this may damage surfaces.
Lubrication of the locking mechanisms should only be done using graphite powder.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors

Your Invisi Gard door is designed to last a LONG time, this system uses 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with a high quality powdercoat finish which is highly effective against corrosion. This being said it is important to regularly (see chart) maintain your doors and screens like any other investment.

Maintaining the Steel Mesh and frames requires washing and wiping with regular car wash and wax diluted in warm water using a soft brush like those found in a dustpan set, always thoroughly rinse with fresh water. Generally wiping in a horizontal and vertical pattern both sides will produce the best results.

For a complete cleaning guide please click here.

MildNot close to the ocean, eg Rural, Remote from urban and industry.
ModerateUrban area, inland and away from industry.
ExtremeWithin 10km from coastline of Australia,being coastal/marine, subject to salt deposition.
EnvironmentSuggested Maintenance
MildEvery 6 months
ModerateEvery 3 months
ExtremeEvery 2-4 weeks


The products supplied (Door frames/Mesh)  carry a 7 year (15 year for Invisi-Gard) limited^^ warranty against faulty materials (to doors and screens) and a 2 year warranty against faulty workmanship. Hardware (eg locks and bolts) carries a 2 year warranty excluding flywire and rollers.
No guarantee will be given against misuse, abuse, accidental damage, poor maintenance or depreciation of these materials and products.

Invis-gard Warranty Information

KNA Security will replace or repair, at no charge, products or parts of a product that prove faulty under normal use and maintenance, due to defective materials or workmanship.  We will NOT however cover faults which occur after installation due to misuse of products, also scratches, scuffs and dents not pointed out at time of installation will not be covered. If we are attending to a service for a fault or defect which has occurred due to misuse or that is deemed not covered under warranty of the product, then there will be a service call out charge to pay.

Sliding doors
: KNA security install rollers to the top and bottom of doors. While rollers are not required at the top we do install them to help prevent the door jumping or lifting causing the door to come off its track.
Due to the nature of sliding doors in existing tracks (does not apply to enclosed tracks we supply) including but not limiting to Jason, Affinity (BGC), Dowell, Stegbar, and Boral doors where the door is installed using the existing non enclosed bottom tracks, the door in the open position is sitting on a narrow lip and can if not used with care disengage the roller from the track causing the door to come off. Again while we install measures to reduce this, if it does happen we cannot be deemed liable and a call out charge + cost of parts is applied if we are required to attend. This will not happen once the door is closed and locked as this is when the door becomes “Security”.

My sliding door “just came off”
As for the same reasons above a sliding door can come off (in the open position only) if bumped, lifted, has worn or damaged rollers or if something is on the track.
It is physically impossible for the door in “normal operation” to just come off as the rollers are concaved and sprung as seen in the diagram below.

As you can see from the illustration above the door would have to lift off the track to come off. As mentioned above this will not happen once the door is closed.

We recommend replacing rollers every 2-4 years depending on usage and environmental factors.

When replacing rollers the door may need to be adjusted so that the locks line up, this can be done using the adjustment screws on the roller.
If we are attending to a service for a fault or defect which has occurred due to misuse or that is deemed not covered under warranty of the product, then there will be a service call out charge to pay.

“My sliding security door can be just lifted off!”
For the same reasons as above, most sliding security doors in the open position can be lifted off. If you have needed to have enclosed tracks installed this wont be the case but the majority of sliding doors are sitting on a lip. As mentioned above we do install rollers to the top of the door (not all companies do as it is not a requirement) and these are adjusted up at the end of install. This does help but we cannot always adjust them all the way up as it can make certain doors too tight and put unnecessary pressure on the bottom rollers.

It is completey normal to be able to lift a door off in the “open position” as it only becomes security when closed.
Once the door is CLOSED, LATCHED and LOCKED it becomes a “Security Door”, as it will lock into the receiving channel on the lock side and interlock on the rear, only then it should not be able to be lifted off its track.

NOTE: If we attend a site due to the clients request of the door being able to be lifted off and it is inline with the above a callout fee will be charged.
Also see diagram below…

Take care when closing your sliding security door. Although the locks are very strong and rate as security, slamming can and will damage these locks. These locks are designed to withstand jemmying attack, slamming the door turns the keepers in the receiver into a hammer against the lock body, this type of force cannot be applied to a closed door. Signs of lock being slammed are lock bodies bending into the frame, cracks and doors not latching. Faults or breaks due to slamming are not covered under warranty by us or the lock manufacturer (ASSA ABLOY). If your door is not latching unless it is slammed then call us straight away as your door may need a simple adjustment.

Warning: Some of our doors are very “see through” and if persons or pets are not used to them being there they can walk/run into them. We advise that you introduce your door to the occupants, especially large dogs. Always make sure the doors are latched and triple locks engaged to help prevent damage to the door in the case of this happening.

Security doors are retro fitted into existing frames using sub frames, angles and channels. Also we have to adjust our doors (especially sliding doors) to compensate for out of square frames. Although we do everything we can to ensure the door has minimal gaps and is fly-proof we cannot guarantee “no gaps” as there are so many different frames and situations. Security doors are security first with the benefit of being a fly-screen.

Double/Stacking doors and security.
The security testing for the Australian Standards has no testing in place for multiple panels, they are designed to test a single panel. This means although we fabricate the doors to Australian Standards, they are limited to how secure they can be due to the installation side. In other words multiple doors are never as strong or secure as single doors (hinged or sliding). We do however have techniques and systems we use when installing multiple panel door systems to make them as secure as possible.


If you have had a subframe installed the space around the frame is absolutely normal, this is how 90% of doors with a sub frame are fitted as seen below in other doors we have done.

The gap between the sub frame and render/brick is entirely dependent on the thickness of your frame, if you have a 20mm space between our sub-frame and your wall then your frame is 40mm as sub frames are always 20mm.

If you are worried about the security side of things…

As for the security, the door passes all Australian Standards for security and we can assure you the door is rated security legally conforming to AS5039/AS5041. Putting a crowbar between the frame and render would only buckle the frame and push the frame towards the door.

These doors go through jemmy testing as part of the standards.

Also the frame at the top of the door doesn’t provide security only something for the door to close against, the sides provide the security and this is what is tested in the security test.

There are two types of sub frames that can be used on our security doors, a short lip version and a long lip version, we choose to use the long lip where we can as it provides a better fixing. They both cover the existing frame by 20mm only.

Short lip frame

Long lip frame

Doors that have a built in rebate do not require a sub frame as seen below.

Door into a rebated timber frame.

Window Tinting

Window tinting comes with a limited lifetime warranty^.
Standards for assessing window tinting can be found here…
Window association inspection guidelines
In the rare occurrence of thermal stress cracking as explained at the time of quoting, please be aware KNA Security Pty Ltd accept no responsibility. Information on thermal cracking can be found on the AGGA website.


2 year limited warranty on hardware. (3 Years on systems installed from 1/3/18)
1 year on labour.

-The NVR (recording box) has moving parts such as fans and hard-drives, this means that they are not completely silent and can sound similar to a desktop computer. So, careful thought of where you want it situated is recommended and should be discussed before going ahead. E.g. not a bedroom or quiet/reading room.
-We include setup to compatible phones and TVs, this is done via a p2p cloud system. This is a free service provided by Uniview and as such we have no control over the up time. If we attend site for software setup after install is complete a call out fee will apply. (Setup via port forwarding with static IP can be done if needed, please discuss with consultant.)
-When IR is activated, surrounding lights or very close walls where the IR light reflects can affect image quality.
-Due to the many variables involved, setup via a network to the computer may in some cases incur additional costs.
-Although most of the time placement of cameras discussed at time of quote is not an issue, it is always subject to access.
-A demo unit is available to see at our showroom.
-Some cameras must be mounted where they will be within reach, although we always try to get a secure fixing we cannot be held responsible for theft or vandalism of products.
-If we are called out to a fault that is not due to hardware supplied or install a service charge will be applicable.


2 year limited warranty on hardware. (3 Years on systems installed from 1/3/18, except HiLook and HiWatch which are 12 months)
1 year on labour.

-Battery should be changed every 12-24 months for optimum performance when power is interrupted.
-A demo unit is available to see at our showroom.
-If we are called out to a fault that is not due to hardware supplied or install a service charge will be applicable.


Service calls where a product is replaced comes with a 12 month limited warranty on that particular part and labour on that part. Service calls that are labour only where no products have been replaced cannot be warranted, we can only make sure everything is working at the time and show this to the client.
Service work carried out on products under warranty do not extend the warranty. The warranty with your product is from the date of purchase/installation.
All work on security products is carried out in accordance with the security regulations and by a licenced person.

^Lifetime warranty applies to product faults, eg bubbling etc. If there is a fault with the tint it will be replaced at no charge to client. Installation/workmanship carries a 12 month warranty.