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A Comprehensive Guide to Roller Shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters have become an increasingly popular choice within homes and businesses throughout Perth within the last 10-15 years.

Roller Shutter Benefits

Shutters have several benefits including but not limited to the following –

Increased Security

Doors and windows are typically the weakest link within your home which is why over 35% of intruders break in through either a door or window.

Strong and durable roller shutters provide a visual barrier to potential intruder’s and can often deter them from trying to enter your premises.

If they do attempt to enter, the marine grade corrosion resistant aluminium provides a strong and sturdy additional barrier of security that is very difficult to protrude, even by the most persistent of home invaders.

Heat Reduction / Lower Electricity Costs

While most people think of roller shutters as a security measure, they don’t realise that they can also reduce the heat with your home or business by up to 95%.

This can lead to a significant reduction in annual electricity costs by cutting back your air conditioning use.

Similarly, roller shutters will help to keep your home cool in Winter.

Noise Reduction

Do you live in a noisy residential or commercial area? Or you might sleep during the day or have a newborn baby?

Roller Shutters are a simple, yet effective way to reduce outside noise and transform your home into a safe and quiet sanctuary.

Storm Protection

If you live in a coastal area that is prone to storms, roller shutters can also protect your windows from wind and storm debris.

This allows you to keep your family safe, while potentially saving money on expensive repairs from storm damage.

Roller Shutter Installation

What to Look Out For?

Most of us take our home or business security seriously, so if you’ve made the decision to add roller shutters to your windows it’s important that you consider the following important factors –


Ensure that your shutters provide the most protection possible by selecting a model that is made from strong and sturdy aluminium.

All shutters from KNA Security are manufactured using a marine grade corrosion resistant aluminium with a power coated finish.

Control Options

Roller shutters can be controlled using a variety of different methods. If you or your family members or work colleagues have mobility issues you’ll need to consider an option that allows for easy operation.

At KNA, our range of roller shutters are available in manual, electric, remote and Wifi controlled models.


Most reputable suppliers of security roller shutters will offer a comprehensive warranty on the shutter and motor. This provides the buyer with some peace of mind that they’re purchasing a solution which will stand the test of time.

The electric, remote and Wifi models of shutters from KNA Security are accompanied by a 10 year warranty with a 5 year warranty on the motors.

Colour Range

Make sure that the shutters you select are available in a colour that compliments your home or business.

At KNA, the pelmets, slats and tracks on our shutters are all available in a wide range of colours to suit just about any colour and style of home.

Anti-Lift Mechanism

Security is typically the main reason for installing roller shutters. Within Australia, all shutters should include an anti-lift mechanism which is tested to withstand up to 170kg of force.

The shutters available from KNA Security not only meet, but exceed all Australian standards.

Roller Shutters from KNA Security

KNA Security supply and install electric, remote, manual and Wifi controlled roller shutters to homes and businesses from Perth to Lancelin. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free measure and quote.